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The GLOCIN platform is a system of many parts, where the main connecting member is GLOCIN LIMITED.

The whole principle of the platform is very simple. Imagine a place, such as a marketplace, where you can come as a client (customer) at any time and choose from the current range of products and services what you like best. This imaginary “marketplace” is the GLOCIN platform. The registered client of the platform can choose from the current offer of products that he/she finds in the platform.

The main idea of the platform is to always offer and mediate something exceptional. Either what the client does not have the opportunity to obtain elsewhere or offer such a product that has an attractive advantage for the client over the usual offer on the market. The current offer of platform options is constantly changing. There is nothing easier than becoming a registered client and taking the opportunity to choose what interests you the most! Being a client does not bind you to anything.

How to become a client?
  1. Contact an independent GLOCIN sales representative.
  2. The dealer will introduce you to how the platform works and what current attractive products and exceptional possibilities it offers.
  3. After your decision to become a client, you will start setting up a free client account together.
  4. Once the customer support has verified the necessary documents and activated the account, you can freely, at your discretion, use the products and conclude individual contracts.
What is required to register a new client account?

The GLOCIN platform is fully subject to and governed by EU laws and directives and for the most part by the legislation of the Czech Republic, in particular the Civil Code, the Consumer Protection Act and the AML Directive, or Act No. 253/2008 Coll. (Act on Certain Measures against the Legalisation of Proceeds from Crime and the Financing of Terrorism).

At the same time, we want the platform and/or the client account to be protected by the maximum possible security for the protection of his/her property and personal data. To do this, we use not only verification of the ownership of the bank account for possible payment of funds, but also the so-called two-phase authorisation, guaranteeing high security for logging in to the client account and submitting applications for payment of funds.

Therefore, during the new client registration process, the following must occur:
  • Vyplnění registračních údajů o klientovi a kontaktních údajů.
  • Verification of the client’s identity according to a valid document, signature of consent to the processing of a personal document and its archiving, including making a photocopy of the document.
  • To determine the origin of funds in the form of an AML-KYC questionnaire.
  • Security element settings – PIN for communication with client support and two factor authentication.

Without these steps, which the sales representative takes with the applicant during a personal meeting, it is not possible to create a client account for the applicant, as it would not meet the legislative and security requirements.

The client can provide proof of ownership of the bank account at any time in the future, but always before the first request for payment of funds from the platform to the bank account.

It cannot be too secure!